Multi-Chain Gaming

We are planning to use different blockchains and tools that support a variety of chains. We’re working on multi-chain integrations and the list will grow over the time, but initially, we’re starting with the most popular and diverse ecosystem.


About the Game

Welcome to Stargating Astro Armadillos, a blockchain platform battle royal set in the playable mobile environment of a multiplayer party knockout game with up to 32 players, with the mission to advance Web3 knowledge transfer via gamification of the learning journey. Astro Armadillos stargatining to alien worlds to bring knowledge and to have fun in the knockout area, with customized levels built around the different strange worlds.

With final layers built on blockchain for scalability purposes, the game features the use of a crypto wallet for in-game transactions, with NFTs used to secure customized characters, special features, and achievement ownership.

We firmly believe that blockchain games should be fun and engaging, therefore, the game has different dynamics and in-game economy from the prevalent play-to-earn schemes. Bringing back fun into educational and blockchain games is our mission.

1. Terminology

Players can choose on of 1,024 characters from the collection representing one of the terms from the Web3 Glossary. Character is described by the Web3 term definition i.e. The Merge: An upgrade to the Ethereum blockchain…

2. Environment

We will create playing environment in line the myth while aligning to: - Access - dApp categories, - Decentralized – high-level software abstractions and frontend libraries, Interface - interoperable building blocks, and - Network infrastructure /blockchain

3. Storyline

Game narrative is aligned to Web3 terminology and narrative. i.e. Players can acquire a superpower to run a DAO and that way outperform the rest by collaborating more effectively.

4. In-Game Quizzes

Players respond to pop quiz questions to gain access to special features.


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